We Believe In The Gospel

We believe that the Gospel is the true Word of God given to us to provide us with sound biblical truths that answer our every daily questions. The Awakening is built upon the foundation of broadly shared spiritual values which, in result, provide experience on campus that cultivate a growing passion to follow God.

Our Spiritual Values

The lifestyle of this environment creates a vibrant community of faith and learning among students and faculty, which penetrates all campus living- in the classrooms, student residences, and church services. Memories are created, which add invaluable richness to life as students listen to invigorating testimonies about personal faith as well as unite as one family, one body where each individual belongs. Growing as a family every student will begin to understand that each of us is a child of God and that connection, as well as the environment, will penetrate deep into their hearts as friendship, care and concern blossom during times of prayer and sharing and even later as each individual leaves the program.

We hope that the Awakening will truly be a place where every soul is restored and awakened from the slumber its been in- Our deepest desire is for this summer to be a life- changing experience as we all strive for one goal and that is to truly begin and renew our relationship with Jesus Christ. A family that prays together- stays together.

The Destination

At the Awakening you can experience the power of the Holy Spirit and become part of a spiritual life that is intentional, relational, and powerfully transforming; where hearts are set aflame with the love of Christ and lives are transformed by God’s grace.

Our passion is to be transformed into the likeness of Christ and to be channels of His presence and His voice in the world. We believe that every young adult needs to develop a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Each student follows a unique path toward ministry but all are driven by a common purpose- to glorify God through lives of obedience to Jesus Christ. The Awakening is specially designed so that students would have no major interruptions to their schedule at college/ school and work. For this reason, this school is held during the summer months.

Come to the Awakening with an open heart and join others who have felt God’s call to ministry. Study with teachers, ministers and mentors that are called to support and prepare you in this journey. Here, you can discover spiritual transformation that is so vibrant and so compelling that you will be inspired to worship and serve God as never before.

Biblical Wisdom 

Biblical wisdom is the perspective that observes and evaluates life as according to God’s Word, and consequently defines how one should live.

The curriculum will equip students to:

  1. Develop a reverential submission to the Lord that is the essence of learning
  2. Develop a desire for the life-long Spiritual growth
  3. Demonstrate Biblical, self-discipline
  4. Utilize the Bible to distinguish right from wrong
  5. Formulate Biblical solutions to problems, dilemmas and questions

The atmosphere of The Awakening is designed to cultivate the heart of a spiritual leader in each student. When you are much with God, you can do much for God.